AWEMS Mission Statement

AWEMS mission is to be the peak Australasian body providing guidance and oversight for excellence in the provision of medical care in remote and austere environments. AWEMS was established with the goal of connecting Australasian wilderness and expedition medicine practitioners and supporting the growth and profile of this field. We aim to represent quality Australasian-specific experience and practice on the world stage and provide locally appropriate and evidence-based knowledge, guidelines, and skills to practitioners.

AWEMS Values Statement

AWEMS acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the traditional custodians of the land in Australia and Māori people as tangata whenua (First People) of Aotearoa New Zealand. AWEMS recognises and embraces diversity of all kinds, with a commitment to advancing equality within the organisation and the industry. Lastly, AWEMS appreciates the importance of protecting the natural environment, and is therefore committed to practising ethically and sustainably, and nurturing an awareness of environmental issues wherever possible.